Little Flower Learning Center believes that children learn best in an environment that promotes play to learn about the world around them. Using this concept, children learn to understand differences and begin to develop empathy and become responsible, caring human beings. Our curriculum is based in developmentally appropriate practices outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 

Little Flower Learning Center provides children with activities that promote all areas of development. We offer stimulating environments, which enable children to develop imagination and creativity. Each environment is set up to allow for child choice and exploration. Our program is made complete with the incorporation of planned, individualized developmentally appropriate activities that are derived from child observations and assessments. 

Children learn socially acceptable behaviors through positive redirection and nurturing teacher-child interactions. Teachers conduct themselves as positive role models through their interactions with children and other adults. Little Flower Learning Center provides children with many hands-on activities and embraces teachable moments.

We are committed to the professional growth of our staff and provide ongoing support and guidance in their journey toward competency in all areas of Early Childhood Education.